The law of attraction says that you get back the vibration of your thoughts feelings and emotions you put out there.



How about you whack one of these access consciousness questions below on the end of any tough thought/situation and see if it lightens up the heavy feeling in your gut a little.


What if by polishing the turds featuring in your life a little and making them smell a bit better meant you started attracting more light stuff on your planet?


Make an appointment with me at Rusty's Place today and I'll teach you this and so much more :) Life can be a fun adventure again regardless of the cards you are holding.


****Now think of what is bothering you******

a) See if any of the questions below lightens the feeling in your gut.

b) Then don’t look for an answer to the question in your mind.

c) Sit with the feeling of ease that the question gives and enjoy it for a bit.

d) Just see what shows up.

e) Just enjoy feeing a bit better, which hopefully leads to more of that.




1. What would it take for this day to surprise me in a wonderful way?


2. I wonder what magic and miracles could show up today?


3. What would it take for each new day to be better than the last?


4. I wonder what I could add to my life today to make it better in every way?


5. I wonder what questions I can ask today that will allow it to unfold in more magical ways?


6. I wonder what I can add to my life today to make it happier in every way?


7. What if every day in every way my life got better and better?


8. What if miracles showed up today in truly inspiring ways?


9. What would it take for exciting new opportunities to come my way today?


10. I wonder what I could create today if I actually chose to have more play?


11. I wonder what else is possible? 12. I wonder how it can get even better than this?


13. What would it take for something even better to show up?


14. What would it take for this to turn out in my favour?


15. I wonder how this can turn out better than anything I could have imagined or planned?


16. What if I simply asked for something greater to show up?


17. What if the universe has a plan for me much bigger than I can see?


18. What would it take for me to see a future with greater possibilities?


19. What would it take for me to see a world of new possibilities?


20. What would it take for the rest of my life to be the best of my life?