I get that it is hard to get out of your head sometimes and make something appear lighter or to find the right words to change the vibration. Some things that show up are actually really terrible and you really can’t see a way out. The virtual vibrational scenarios go nuts as to how bad it could really go, which can create the vibration of even more going wrong perhaps in your future.


For example, let’s use divorce. Everyone has a point of view about a divorce. It has been formed by aligning and agreeing and resisting and reacting to all we have read, watched in movies, read in books, experienced through friends and family ect. Our brains think we know all there is to know and then it decides how it is going to be, then when it shows up for you in your world; the truth is you shit yourself and have to fight regardless of if it is in your make up or not.


If your brain knew the answers to the questions you were spinning terrifyingly in your head you would already have it and not be in panic mode.


Attach one of the questions above to any terrifying, heavy, gut squeezing questions you accidentally formulate and you will be a chance of a sense of relief straight up because it changes the vibration of the fears and makes it lighter. Don’t go into your head for the answer, just enjoy the relief of having a possibly of something else showing up that you may not have even considered yet. The fact that you appear lighter, creates more lighter on your planet and we all definitely want more of that when thing seem out of your hands.


Example: It really appears that he wants of destroy me; I might lose everything, how will I be able to take care of the kids? What else is possible here? How does it get better than this? What if this all turned out greater than I could have ever imagined? Did that change the vibe?


When you stop struggling you float. It’s the law!

Let's just imagine for a second that the above is truly possible and something yuk shows up on your planet and you are not sure how to handle it.  


First thing we usually do is start running scenarios of possible outcomes, what you will do, what they may do, what could go right and wrong, it goes over and over in your head, nearly drives you mad sometimes.  


What if you are creating a possible virtual vibrational shitstorm of awful realities, that now could possibly come true because you, you masterful creator just thought them into existence. It is said that the thing with the most powerful vibration is the one that comes back. Good, bad, right or wrong!  


What if you just said, STOP!!!!! when the yuk scenes started playing in your head and simply said, "I'll destroyed and uncreated the limitation of what ever that was." NO WAY we want most of what runs through our heads showing up in our lives.  


Not so long ago I myself couldn't believe how much awful stuff kept showing up on my planet, it was unbelievable! At the time I was so thankful that I was prepared for most of what was going on, I had really though everything through. BIG OPS THERE!!!!  I actually very well could be responsible for the last 6 years by running shit scenarios about what could go wrong.  


I have been at this new way of thinking for about 6 months. Blessed be, nothing ugly new has shown up, I actually can't believe it myself!!!!!!

What if life really is like this? That what you have written on your life shopping list in your mind is all that will show up everywhere in your world?


Look at what you think about most everyday, that is your shopping list.

I have to go to work

I’ll probably get stuck in traffic again

Kids probably won’t be ready on time again

Have to get the groceries

My husband is rubbing me up the wrong way

House need a clean


If this is your list, this is all you see no matter anything else going on around you. You will only notice the crap no matter how much good is around as well.


How about you put on your list what you actually want to see instead as a question?


What will go right at work today?

What can I listen to on the way to work today to enjoy the ride?

What if the kids were easy this morning?

What adventure could I have grocery shopping today?

What is great about my husband today?

What would it take to see happiness everywhere today? What part of my house could I choose to clean today?

How can I attract more happiness today?

What would it take to see love everywhere today?


If what you desire is not on your list; you may not notice all these good qualities in your life actually already has. If you desire more, ask for more of the good stuff!


I once asked to see a miracle as a shopping list request. I was having a rough trot and was finger saluting the universe and saying haha bet you can’t do that! It wasn’t a huge miracle but I was at the hospital on a floor with no opening windows and a butterfly came in the lift went down a couple of levels and came out with me. I wonder if I would have even noticed it at all if I hadn’t put miracles on my list that day?


By all means test the theory :) Today mentally write a good day list and then tomorrow write a shit list and see what shows up. Could be fun :)

Here is another small tip!!


I am sure you have all heard about spiralling. When one thought leads to the next. There is always a choice here, spiral up or spiral down. You can make anything smell better by quickly choosing again; the next thought doesn’t even have to be positive, just something different from the cess-pool path you accidentally took.


Standard Cess spiral: I am home late again, the house is so darn dirty, I haven’t got time to clean it, I never have time to clean it, I have to cook dinner, no one ever helps me, I feel I am on my own, I am so lonely, blah, blah, yuk, yuk, yuk, poo, bum, shit, wee approach.


Gold Star Spiral: I am home late again, the house is so dirty, what day could I clean it? What part could I clean to make me feel better right now? Who could help me clean it if I ask? What else is possible here?


Which one feels lighter for you?



 ****Now think of what is bothering you******

a) See if any of the questions below lightens the feeling in your gut.

b) Then don’t look for an answer to the question in your mind.

c) Sit with the feeling of ease that the question gives and enjoy it for a bit.

d) Just see what shows up.

e) Just enjoy feeing a bit better, which hopefully leads to more of that.




1. What would it take for this day to surprise me in a wonderful way?


2. I wonder what magic and miracles could show up today?


3. What would it take for each new day to be better than the last?


4. I wonder what I could add to my life today to make it better in every way?


5. I wonder what questions I can ask today that will allow it to unfold in more magical ways?


6. I wonder what I can add to my life today to make it happier in every way?


7. What if every day in every way my life got better and better?


8. What if miracles showed up today in truly inspiring ways?


9. What would it take for exciting new opportunities to come my way today?


10. I wonder what I could create today if I actually chose to have more play?


11. I wonder what else is possible? 12. I wonder how it can get even better than this?


13. What would it take for something even better to show up?


14. What would it take for this to turn out in my favour?


15. I wonder how this can turn out better than anything I could have imagined or planned?


16. What if I simply asked for something greater to show up?


17. What if the universe has a plan for me much bigger than I can see?


18. What would it take for me to see a future with greater possibilities?


19. What would it take for me to see a world of new possibilities?


20. What would it take for the rest of my life to be the best of my life?