I was 17 when I had my first run-in with severely abnormal cells in my cervix. Many years and many surgeries later I met a naturopath, who told me DISEASE can be created by Dis-Ease in your life.


I have been a polish-a-turd-a-holic ever since!!!!!! I now have the capacity to make any turd of a life situation smell better, lickety-split!!! &… I have tried and truly tested my ability to get back up to the maximum over and over the last 20 years.


Finding new life tools and tips and tricks is actually really fun. Simply seek till you come across the right words/tips that put your head back into a space that allows you choices again. What if everything turned out even greater than you could ever imagine?


Access Consciousness is my favourite, greatest multi-faceted tool on the planet. A lot of what I share here will be in my words, the tools of Access; how I have used them on my planet, with what I have learnt, read, listened to and perceived previous, attached.


The key to change is to practice and play with all you have never considered and to see what shows up!!! When something stops working seek/play with something new. What is the worst that can happen? I have had a family member try to take their life, my child. We lost Paul Green, former Queensland State of Origin Coach, a strong man! The funniest man in 2014 Robin Williams! No one is off the list of untouchable to not knowing how to get back up when getting knocked down sometimes.


How Access Consciousness & What I Know, Works In My World, In My Words.

Have you ever had a new recipe that has an ingredient that you have never heard of? It couldn't possibly be at the ‘supermarket’ because you’ve been grocery shopping your whole life and never seen it on the shelf before! Only to Get to the shops and find the unknown ingredient on the shelf beside something that you buy nearly every week?


What would it take for you to listen to this tiny 3.28min video and find out what is possible around this particular story and why it could change your life?

Most words have a dictionary meaning but also tend to have many vibrational feelings depending on the personal experience you have with any given word in your own life.   


For example, the WORD JOY on one persons planet can actually mean happiness but then on another persons planet it can be the name of a man’s sister he doesn’t like at all. Giving one word two completely different vibes.  


Let's play with a possibility that we live in a vibrational reality that doesn't understand a dictionary meaning, if these 2 people were wishing/hoping/praying/asking for more JOY on their planets do you think they may get 2 different outcomes for their asks?  


Play with me for a second and try these words below with these tips on what to look for. Is the word a light vibe?..... Is it an ease vibe? ..... Is the word vibe heavy in your body?...... Does the word vibe stick you somewhere? .... Does it make you feel smaller/restricted? ... Does the vibe create space around you? HERE GOES: Sit with each word for a bit:  




Things show up in your life all the time, so many people say you get what you ask for. What if they forgot to tell us that it was the vibration of what you say, not the words that come back.   


What if the word MONEY vibes feels yuk for you? Wonder why it never shows up? Play with it perhaps and find a better vibe word for you. What about, what would it take for more: CASH, FUNDS, WEALTH, GOLD to show up?  Do any of those words feel lighter when you ask the question?   


Watch your words my friends, could it really be that easy sometimes? Ask some  questions now and see what you can make show up. What is the worst that could happen trying this?

Let's just imagine for a second that the above is truly possible and something yuk shows up on your planet and you are not sure how to handle it.  


The first thing we usually do is start running scenarios of possible outcomes. What you will do? What they may do? What could go right or wrong? Every question sets off a showreel of possibilities, it goes over and over in your head as you decide how it is going to go for all involved.  


What if…. by doing the above….. you are creating a possible virtual vibrational shitstorm of awful realities, that now could possibly show up because you: you masterful creator just scenario’d them into existence. It has been said that the most powerful vibration is the one that comes to you: good, bad, right or wrong!  


Not so long ago, I myself couldn't believe how much awful stuff kept showing up on my planet, years of it. It was unbelievable! I would every time celebrate the fact that I knew that was going to happen, and felt so lucky that I had ran all the scenarios and planned for all the possible outcomes!!! A MASSIVE OPS THERE!!!! What if my preparation for shit coming, created the shit that came!!!  


I learnt all of this about 7 months ago. Nothing seriously yuk has shown up since, I actually can't believe it myself!!!!!!


All I have been doing is super simple: When any yuk scenarios start playing in my head I simply say, STOP (who wants that poo to come true) I will destroy and uncreate whatever that was!! Then I create a cool scenario that I would actually like to see in my life instead. Making none of it significant and creating ease with no charge of any kind attached.


School your thoughts people: there is no way we want most of what runs through our heads to actually come true and show up in our lives.  

I am sure you have all heard about spiralling. When one thought leads to the next. There is always a choice here: spiral up or spiral down. You can make any thought smell better by quickly choosing again; the next thought doesn’t even have to be positive, just something different from the cess-pool thought path you accidentally took.


You truly can change your reality in 30 second increments, just by the multiple thought choices on the same story you are running your head, just by playing with the lay out?


Standard Cess Pool Down Thoughts Spiral: Starts with one thought!!! I am home late again. Which leads to the next thought the house: the house is so darn dirty, I haven’t got time to clean it, I never have time to clean it. Which leads to house jobs: I still have to cook dinner, no one ever helps, I feel I am on my own, I am so lonely, blah, blah, yuk, yuk, yuk, poo, bum, shit, wee approach.


Gold Star Spiral: I am home late again; the house is so dirty!! What part could I clean to make me feel better right now? What day could I clean it this week? I wonder who I could get to help me clean it? Do I wish to cook tonight? What else is possible here?


Same problems!!!! Completely different awareness!!!!! Both equally achievable and possible!!!!! 2 different realities in 30 seconds increments, Boom!! Could it be that simple sometimes?


Access consciousness says that if you stay in the question, it allows for another possibility to show up that you may never have considered yet… this is my best get out of the jail of my thinking tip I have ever been given :)

One Question!!!!! Would you be willing to play for a bit with a weird and wonderful possibility? Sunday morning I woke up with the worst pains in the stomach, I don’t get sick often and never for no reason.


None of my remedies made a difference, it was weird! I jumped in the shower and remembered access consciousness “who does this belong to” tool! I truly did not believe that a pain as bad as I had could possibly anyone else’s, but I thought what the heck and I gave it a crack anyway!


No bull, I asked the question who does this belong to? The weight lifted off my shoulders and the pain went instantly away! 4 hours of thinking I was going to vomit and horrible pains done in one question 🤭🤭🤔🧐


Truly funny thing is the neighbours had a noisy hum dinger of a party the night before. Could it be possible that I caught one of their hang overs they woke up with 🤭🤔🧐 Bit nuts!!! Although it is said that 98% of our thoughts feeling and emotions are not even ours in the first place. 😲😲


Try who does this belong to on everything, the worst think that could happen is it is yours, but what if it’s not? Here is a link to learn more about the tool 🙂 Watch the video above :)

I learnt something fun from nature I wanted to share with you... This planet is ace!!!

This really only happened last night!!! I woke up through the night with a crazy headache, I don’t get headaches so it was unusual for me. My head kicked in straight away diagnosing what it thought was going on, to which I straight up simply called ‘STOP’, in my head, ending the possible energy creation of something I truly did not want. (FYI any scenario/story/creation, you run in your head has a chance of showing up in your life just by thinking about it) Doesn’t that make you want to school your thoughts!!!!


So I lay in bed head thumping and asked what else is possible here? How does it get better than this? Quite obviously Panadol popped into my head, so I got up and went to the kitchen, didn’t turn on any lights, opened the drawer, found what I needed, left the drawer open went to the fridge to get some water… All pretty normal at this stage hey!!!!! So I ask as I am swallowing the Panadol, head thumping, what if all of this turned out even greater than I could have ever imagined? (I’ll explain these questions in a jiffy, there is a reason)


My gorgeous dog was at my feet, doing this crazy gorgeous on his back, cute-faced, irresistible move to which I bent over to scratch his belly, cracked my forehead on the draw I had left open so hard I saw stars……. Stood back up and my headaches was gone!!! I then had to say, ‘STOP’ to my brain again as it instantly started to make significant that I had just about knocked myself out and start looking for the pain I should be feeling and said again instead, what else is possible here?


Closed the draw, patted the dog, went to the bathroom, and turned on the light and I had trails of blood running down my face…. ‘STOP’ was the word again, I had no pain at all still and no headache!!! I turned my thoughts to what a bloody cool story to share with you all about what is truly possible when you don’t run with exactly the same playbook everyone else does on this planet.


Nothing is ever what it seems, sometimes you can change anything, sometimes it doesn’t show up how you think, and most of the time thinking is stinking!!!!!


Access Consciousness Questions: They have lots of very cool questions, which I call turd polishers because they can make anything on the planet lighter by adding them to any sentence you could possibly create. You heard them above:


What else is possible here?

How does it get better than this?

What if this turned out greater than I could have ever imagined?


The trick is to not look for an answer to the question you are asking. This allows for something you may not have even considered showing up… Me last night!!!!! A prime example of something showing up, that I hadn’t considered, that would actually fix my headache, even though there is absolutely no reason on the planet why it did!!! Now, I wonder if I had let my silly mainstream brain run any part of last night, if it could have instead created the worst story instead of the best story!!!!


How can you make this really bloody fun in your life now?