Growing Pains

Growing Pains

My Personal Experience

Despite the name "growing pains," there is no firm medical evidence that growing pains are linked to growth spurts, sounds strange doesn't it. All I can do is speak from my own personal experience in clinic and with my own children and the Emmett Technique.

My son has been experiencing growing pains for quite a few years now. Previous to studying Emmett I would give him nurofen and massage his legs till he went to sleep again. It was horrible to see him in so much pain for so long and not be able to do much for him.

I don’t have to give him medicine at all anymore and I can have him back to sleep in sometimes 15 minutes. My belief is that our children grow so fast that sometimes the muscles become over stretched trying to keep up with the bones.

At the beginning of a treatment everything is so taught & after a few Emmett moves the muscles relax so quickly that the pain goes almost instantly and doesn’t come back sometimes for months.

I have found this in clinic too with so many children, they come in after a growth spurt walking on their toes and walk out with their heels down again.

Growing babies are all stiff in their parents arm when they walk in and leave all gorgeous and floppy and relaxed.

The Emmett Technique is very child friendly in its gentleness, fast efficiency & very adaptable on a moving target :) Treatments are given sitting, standing or any which way the child is comfortable and happy.

I found this article on Growing Pains if you are curious to know more about your child's growing pains:…

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