My Client Does Not Have To Wear His Glasses Anymore :)

I had a great fellow come into my clinic a couple of weeks ago suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ear) The poor fella has been suffering with it for more than 2 years. He came to see me because I had spoken to his lovely wife about a couple of things Emmett has that can possible help tinnitus sufferers and he was prepared to try anything.


I firstly noticed the black under his eyes, so I drained the sinus, the ringing was still there. So I worked on the jaw & make the move that has been know to help tinnitus, the ringing was still there. He complained of a sore shoulder so I tried to fix that and it made the ringing worse, interesting I thought so I released the shoulder. The ringing was still there. I used my whole Emmett arsenal in the end and we made a little difference but it didn't go away.


Anyway, I get a call from him later that day asking me what voodoo I had done on him, lol. He had picked up a newspaper that afternoon and he could read the articles without his glasses on, his vision was clear. He said he had needed his glasses to read for years. I believe his sinus was to blame for his blurry vision, but it could have been his jaw too. I really don't mind which one it was because the outcome was incredible


I treated him again last week and he still had the ringing in his ears so we had another crack at it. He still doesn't need his glasses though and says he feels funny not carrying them around anymore. No guarantees on better vision after an Emmett treatment, but I have had reports of better vision after a treatment quite a few times before. I guess it depends of why your vision is not good in the first place.


I think it is well worth getting an Emmett treatment any day of the week. Who know what Emmett could accidentally fix while fixing other related issues. I am so blessed to have been taught such an incredible technique by such a great man. Thank you Ross Emmett


Thanks for reading