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    Ron @ Palm Cove (Thursday, 14 March 2019)

    I have had a crazy autoimmune problem going on in my body for 4 years, that has yet to be definitively identified. My wrist joints are a mess, and are very painful. Other joints in my body get locked-up from time to time. I discovered Rusty two years ago, and have been going every fortnight while all this has been going on. What a godsend she is! She loosens up my wrists, improving the range of movement, and lessening the pain. I walk out of there feeling human again. My body-structure and strength in my wrists are improving. If not for her, I would be immobilised by now. I didn't expect her to fix my unknown problems overnight, but she is definitely a key part of my path back to wellness and full use of my hands again.
    I had a relative from Melbourne visit me, and he is doubled-over with arthritis throughout his body. He had one session with Rusty and walked out of her office standing perfectly upright and with greatly-reduced pain. He couldn't believe the changes.

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    Kathleen M Tyrer (Friday, 08 May 2015 00:43)

    Wow, 3 months of "period like" pain from nipples to knees. Was away from Cairns for most of that time Finally got to see Rusty who worked her magic!!!
    Thank you so much.

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    Ella Butcher (Wednesday, 06 May 2015 17:09)

    I have suffered from shin splints for quiet some time. I saw Rusty once and have started exercising pain free again! I will definitely be recommending Emmett Technique to anyone with an injury!

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    Tiare Benioni Kelsall (Wednesday, 06 May 2015 17:08)

    Oh My Goodness Rusty you are a magician!! It's been 14 days since my skeptical, heavy boned husband had his first ever treatment and has FINALLY admitted IT WORKED!!! Thanku so much for putting up with all his questions n doubt!! We'll be back for sure!

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    Maya (Thursday, 07 August 2014 14:37)

    I had sent a message to rusty on Monday night saying basically 'please help, my 4 week old baby won't stop crying and is having trouble passing wind/pooing and burping'. She saw us the next day and the relief was instant. I saw her go from being tight and uncomfortable to completely relaxed. It was amazing :-) the nights home have been so much easier with her bodily functions not upsetting her and she is always so relaxed! I just love what you do rusty, thank you so much for helping us, xxxx

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    lynnie boterhoek (Wednesday, 23 July 2014 16:15)

    Thursday 24 May 2014 .... Our very special Rusty is a wonder with her hands. The love and perseverance that Rusty puts into her work
    comes through to you when she works on you on her magic table. I am 72 years old, and when I had one treatment from Rusty, I
    found that my balance of my body had improved a great deal, which is something the mature people struggle with, I just felt so much better
    all over. I am now looking into getting cheap flights into Cairns, (I live in Brisbane) so that I can visit this wonderful girl who just loves
    her work.

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    Monique Woldhuis (Thursday, 08 May 2014 22:17)

    Rusty - Emmett Technique are AMAZING as always. As promised my tiny little pain that was left was totally relieved within 24hrs of seeing you on Tues. I have full rotation (well not 360 deg), but full normal rotation of my head/neck again. Girls and guys I can suggest to you that if you've tried them all and not received any success or even if you haven't and you have aches and pains go see Rusty. She is the fixer & healer extrodinare!

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    Leah Muller (Thursday, 08 May 2014 01:32)

    Thanks so much Rusty for your help today! I have lived with pain for so many years now and I was so amazed by how I could feel the changes that you were making with my muscles. I will definitely be coming back in for some more treatment very soon and also recommending you to everyone I know that needs a bit of help :-)

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    Melanie Marie (Friday, 02 May 2014 18:12)

    Amazing results Rusty! After being under a massive amount of stress while studying for exams, the tension in my body was making it hard to function. Neck and jaw tight, tension headache, hip pain..... After today's treatment I feel like a new lady! My body is so relaxed. I can't thank you enough

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    Kelly Brown (Friday, 25 April 2014 02:17)

    I had terrible shoulder pain and couldn't lift it, so I went to Rusty and thankfully today I woke up being able to lift it fine. Thank you so much Rusty what you do is amazing :)

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    Michael Stuart (Monday, 21 April 2014 03:15)

    For anyone thinking about using this technique to help with various aches and pains stop thinking and go and see Rusty immediately. She has been a godsend and it has only been 2 visits. I've been suffering from carpel tunnel for some time now and have had many sleepless nights with excruciating pain in my forearms. After just 2 treatments I have been able to sleep through the night pain free without my splints. Give Rusty a go, you will not be disappointed.

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    Cassandra Buckle (Monday, 21 April 2014 03:13)

    Went and visited Rusty after a week and a half of intense back pain.. I crawled onto her treatment bed, feeling a fair bit of soreness, only to get up an hour later without any pain what so ever!! If it hadn't have happened to me, and had I not witnessed it first hand, I would never have believed it..Truly amazing...!! I went back to my normal exercise regime the same afternoon without any soreness at all.. Would recommend Rusty to everyone.

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    Kylie (Sunday, 23 March 2014 17:56)

    I had a lumpectomy and axillary dissection in Oct 13 for breast cancer and now through chemo am suffering from a collection of lymphatic fluid in the area where my nodes were removed and in my affected breast. I was looking for an alternative rather than the medical procedure of a needle aspiration and I learnt about Rusty and the Emmett Technique which I believed could assist me with my troubled lymphatic drainage. Each time I see Rusty and she performs her magic, 2-3 days post I am feeling much relief in those areas, swelling dissapates and overall I feel a general sense of balance in all of my bodily functions. It is just a bonus that her beautiful energy also calms my mind and soul. The Emmett Technique is assisting me greatly through this challenging time of my life.

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    Jodie Marie (Sunday, 16 March 2014 19:24)

    I visited Rusty feeling terrible, feeling like I had just gotten off a ship and still had my sea legs, my world was rocking and I was dizzy and disoriented... These vertigo like symptoms feel so awful. Rusty was positive and confident that I could feel better. During my treatment I was surprised at how easy and painless the whole thing is, and I'm still amazed that such a gentle treatment had such a big positive impact. After weeks of feeling disoriented and unfocused I walked out of Rusty's room feeling stable, focused and really well. I can't recommend Rusty and the Emmet technique highly enough... And I've already sent my partner along, he was suffering from sore shoulders, sore back and flat feet. He came back from his first treatment feeling great, feeling excited and doing exercises to activate his arches in a very dedicated way... He's planning on a regular regime of visits! If you're suffering and you want to feel well, I would definitely suggest that you give Rusty a go!

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    Maya Alana (Sunday, 16 March 2014 19:21)

    There are so many things that this wonderful lady has helped me with... but my biggest ailment has been suffering from wrist problems. They hurt when I drove, when I picked up my son, typed at the computer, and eventually when I was just writing on paper!!! So I was seeing Rusty one day and had a strap around one of them when she asked me about it. I thought surely this was something beyond Emmett!! But I was so wrong. After a good half an hour of poking, and finding that the issue stemmed from my neck of all places, Rusty was able to fix it for good! The last time I had a major issue was Christmas 2012, before Rusty, I would have problems on and off every month!!! Thank you so much!!!

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    Huia Russell (Wednesday, 12 March 2014 00:49)

    Rusty I want to thank you so much, for answering a grandma's plea when I saw how stressed she was and no real help coming forthe for my daughter and her little man,hoping that anything right now would work,it was putting my blind trust in someone and a technique I had never heard of,my gut reaction told me to trust with all I have and watching you work with my grandson and daughter at the hospital was so awesome.I felt how quiet our area got when you started working on him and watching his foot come down I held the tears back just watching him relax...and how come my daughter was even whenn the nurse was doing the heel prick etc on him and watching er body relax and see the calmness come over her face........thank you once again and thank you for coming inn and sharing our time with our family....even today they are so calm with each other now and how he is so relaxed in er arms.......THANK YOU

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    Lyle Modrzynski (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 20:20)

    I as a non believer of treatments such as these or any other spiritual & manipulation techniques find it hard to write a review with 5 stars and say that 1. My partner has multiple joint and muscular issues and had a quick 5min session & was practically "INSTANTLY" relieved and so much more comfortable with her body...
    2. My new born son "3 days old" had a feeding issue & a hyper extended foot reaching his shin due to positioning in mums belly, again she made a quick yet through 5min procedure seem effortless and ever so comfortable with something so delicate and dear to us, we slowly watched his foot retract back to its original position and I was quite shocked. Individual results may very but I cannot believe I was so skeptic... Thank you Rusty and god bless

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    Emma Russell (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 20:16)

    Rusty thank you for coming up to the hospital today and helping me and my baby my partner and I appreciate it very much he is a lot more successfull on breast feeding from the other side now and I am a lot more confident at helping him and myself do so. I would recommend you to anyone else who has any problems with anything wrong with them selves or there children so again thank you very much

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    Tara Dixon (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 20:10)

    I could write a novel on all that Rusty has fixed for Myself my Partner and my 3 boys.

    We all have been treated by Rusty!!! The results are beyond amazing.

    Most recently, Talon my youngest started solids and was constipated (7days) Rusty gave him a quick non invasive treatment and within 30 mins problem solved!! ;)

    My eldest son has always had one leg/foot that swung in. We had him at a specialist from a young age and were told there was nothing that could be done and basically he was just uncoordinated. He ran slowly and tripped often. In only 3 non invasive treatments at age 7, he now runs with straight legs and has grown more confident in all physical activity. If only we had of seen Rusty sooner!!

    My parter has a physically demanding job and sees Rusty regularly for a tune up.

    I saw Rusty all through my last pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I had an easy almost painfree labor and recovery was the quickest of all 3 babies.
    Talon also had his first full night of sleeping (9 hours) after a treatment from Rusty.

    Like I said I could write a novel on all the ailments Rusty has been able to work her magic on for our family. These are just a few....

    Highly Recommended for the whole family!!!!

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    MJ Scully (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 00:57)

    After recently relocating to Cairns I was asking about for a good Physio as I had had knee surgery last year and it was still niggling me. I was put onto Rusty and after one session I was niggle free and the next weekend I did 3hrs of gardening, crouching down, up and down down and up, all pain free!
    I have been back a few times just for the fun of it because I feel so good afterwards, so straight and tall. I have also found it has really helped with my yoga practice I am more flexible and my balance is just awesome!
    My husband has also been to see Rusty, not one to usually go for these sorts of things, he can't stop raving either!
    I have also taken my son along who has low muscle tone, and although hs isn't raving (he is only 6) we were so impressed!!!
    Thanks Rusty, to steal someone else's description, you are an angel!! X MJ Scully

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    Margaret Shaw (Monday, 10 March 2014 23:01)

    I had a such a bad back. . Normally, I would be bed ridden for weeks when my back went out, but a friend recommended Rusty and helped me to the car and took me to her. Rusty gave me a treatment and said "it will take two days, and you will be fine" She was right, two days later, I was walking again. My husband & I have had further treatments for various ailments and we have had wonderful results. Rusty is my angel and I can recommend her treatments to anyone.

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    Kris Kristoffersen (Monday, 10 March 2014 22:04)

    Five treatments with a Physio to no avail, still had the same bad pain in my back & hip, also became dizzy on turning to the left. Xray of head & neck diagnosed calcification of blood vessels- remedy blood thinning pills (didn't work). Two treatments with Rusty, and all the above was rectified and still okay after several months. Then I suffered bad neck pain, and doctor advised pain killers, one treatment from Rusty and I'm still okay. At 85 years old, I didn't expect a miracle, but I am amazed at the results. Thank you Rusty!!!