Turned In Feet



I met the cutest boy last week who had turned in feet. When he looked up at me through his gorgeous long eyelashes with his feet turned in I would have nearly given in to any terms he set. Lol


His turned in feet did not slow him down at all but it is not the right way to walk. I spent about 1/2 an hour with him working very gently with muscles and chatting and laughing.


We got him down off the bed and I asked him to squat down a couple of times and then to go for a little walk. There was improvement but I still was not as happy as I wanted to be.


I wondered if perhaps habit had bought his feet back in where he thought they were meant to be. I had a chat to him and we did everything again and like magic they were straight.


I saw his mum again on the weekend and she said they were still straight, how good is that. I am also happy to report that he is still just as cute looking up at you through his eyelashes with straight feet.


Emmett Technique is amazing


Thanks for reading