Dizziness & Vertigo

Dizziness & Vertigo


I had a wonderful lady come and see me last week with the symptoms of Vertigo and Dizziness. She told me the only time she wasn't dizzy was in a moving car. She had been to the doctors and had all the tests and there was no real reason the doctors could find as to why she was dizzy. She had spent a fortune on tests and scans and all she found out was that she was, on a positive note very healthy.


She was referred to me and when I got her up on the table I excitedly realised she suffered 3 common symptoms that the Emmett Technique has moves for that can aid Dizziness and Vertigo. 1st thing I noticed was that her legs were different lengths which is a simple fix. 2nd thing I noticed was she had jaw problems. Emmett has amazing jaw moves that hurt a little, only take seconds, and the results can be incredible. The 3rd thing that was very clear was the black under her eyes which generally indicates Sinus. So many people out there don't realise they have sinus. Take a look in the mirror, if you are black under the eyes it may not be age. :)


We made the jaw and leg length moves & then cleared her sinus and she had the sensation of fluid down her throat & crackling & popping in her ears. All excellent signs that we're on the right track.


We sat her up and she was feeling pretty good. We did a bit more on her jaw and a couple of other things, got her off the table and sent her on a little walk. I looked over and she was crying, happy crying. She was feeling so much better already & couldn't believe how easy it had all been. She came back the next week and all of her symptoms were gone and she was able to go on with life normally. I can not begin to tell you how much this lovely lady deserved to live happily, healthily ever after. She is as warm and lovely as the best of them.


I have treated people who have been diagnosed with all kinds of things to explain their Dizzy spells and vertigo. One of my clients had sold his boat and all the things he could not use anymore because of his dizziness. He came to see me for a sore back and left with no more dizzy spells too.


I have found over my years treating with Emmett that not everything is set in stone. You may have a diagnosis for a condition but it may not be causing all the symptoms you think it is. Emmett may not be able to help you, but what if it did? How much would it change your life?


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