Knees & Legs


Believe it or not I raced BMX for about 5 years in primary school. I trained a few afternoons a week, raced all weekend and the occasional evening. I was as fit as a fiddle and had what I would tell my girly girl friends were massive ballerina thighs.


I finished racing when I started high school but still did quite a lot of sport. I always had problems with my thighs, generally when I was doing anything that involved running. As I grew up my knees started to play up as well. I ended up at a sports clinic in my early 20’s who, after all kinds of tests told me I had the knees of a 60 year old and that running would never be a good idea for me.


At the age of 37 I was lucky enough to be pulled out in front of my Emmett class by Ross Emmett to teach the class about a set of moves. He picks a student that will best show how well these moves work. He listed all the types of sports/jobs that most effected this muscle group. The only one that fitted me was bike riding and that was 25+ years ago for me.


I swear he made just a few moves on both my legs, made me stand and sit a few times. He then asked me to take a little walk around & I kind of felt like a thunderbird puppet. I was no longer walking on legs that I recognized. The other amazing thing that happened was that I ended up with a gap between my thighs that I had never had or seen before.


The next day when I woke up I felt like I had run a marathon. I hadn’t used my legs properly for so many years that just walking was like a huge gym work out. Being a Emmett Technician I like to push the boundaries and try everything out to the maximum, so I tested my new legs by running on the beach with no shoes. I at 38 could run with no knee pain as long as I wanted, my fitness level pulled me up though, lol. I tested my knees for over a month until this one day I was running on the beach looking behind me at my dog and fell in a childs hand dug sand hole. I tore my hamstring :/ It is embarrassing limping around a massage table telling people you can help them, lol. 


Thanks for reading