20 Years of Leg Tingles Gone in One Treatment

20 Years Of Tingles In The Legs Gone In One Treatment


I have a lovely Melbourne farmer that comes for treatment when he comes to Cairns to visit his grown children.


I love him, he is a wealth of information about the inside of a body, but not from the way you would think. He spent many years working at an abatwa. I have never looked at a human body part as in, that is where a T-bone steak comes from till I met him, lol. Every time I hit the right spot in a treatment he says, you got it chief, you got him now.


He came to see me in the beginning with tingles in his legs that he had been suffering with for 20 years. He told me that he had seen so many different therapists with his problem and no one has ever made much different. He said I don’t expect you to fix them in one go if not at all but some relief would be good. We got rid of almost all the tingles in one treatment Thank you Ross Emmett Technique.


I saw him again couple of weeks ago and said he can’t believe the treatment on his tingles held even after all the hard work he had been doing. He bought his daughter and one of his best mates with him this trip to see if I could help them too. I haven't heard how I went with them yet and I am looking forward to hearing on his next trip North.


Country people work their bodies so hard. It is so good to be able to give them relief & so nice to get the chance to meet such good people and have their trust.


Thanks for reading