Can't Look Over Your Shoulder When Driving

Can’t Look Over Your Shoulder When Driving


I had a lady her late 70’s come in to my clinic recently and she was in lot of pain and was still smiling like the world was a wonderful place and happy to be in it. I find these people incredible humans.


Anyway, we treated all her aches and pains and right near the end we sat her up and started to finish off the treatment on her neck. I asked her to look over each of her shoulders and she says to me, sorry love I haven’t been able to look over my shoulders for 10 years.


I asked her to give it a go anyway, she looked over both shoulders and says, wow I can see a bit better over my shoulders now. I was horrified, she barely moved and was happy with what we had done so far.


I next used the Emmett Scm Move on her neck. When I was finished I asked her to try looking over both shoulders again and she nearly fell off the table on me. She was so sure she wouldn’t move that when the neck turned she lost her balance.


When we were finished I called her name as she was leaving and she turned her whole body around to look at me again and I had to remind her that she could actually use her neck again. How wonderful is that.


We can sometimes assist a neck in as little as 5-15 minutes, so if you are struggling for time we can have you fixed and out the door again in no time.


Thanks for reading