New Born Babies

New Born Babies


I was invited up to the Cairns Base hospital yesterday by a family who just welcomed a gorgeous little boy into the world.


He had one of his beautiful little feet hooked up on his shin, apparently from his position in the womb & he was not feeding properly on one side. He was so tiny and beautiful and calm and was only 3 days old. I love my job.


Ross Emmett teaches all his students that attend his classes through visual demonstrations and stories. As soon as I saw this gorgeous little boys foot I remembered the story Ross told about a little baby who had had similar foot trouble after birth and what muscle group he released to release the foot back down again.


It only took one Emmett move in the end and the foot came straight down, that gorgeous little baby did not make a sound or flinch or anything. Emmett is very gentle on babies & amazing to watch the fast results.


This little bundle of joy was also feeding ok on one breast and not very interested in the other. Mums tend to blame themselves when these things happen, especially first time mums. I used the releases we were taught for the babies and did a little work on his mum.


His mum messaged me later on in the evening and told me he was feeding well on both sides now and that she and baby were feeling much more relaxed. She was doing a wonderful job feeding her baby all along, he just had a sore neck.


Ross Emmett tells soooo many stories while teaching his classes, but it is not till you experience some of those stories yourself, while using the Emmett Technique that you understand the true gift he has given you. I would have never imagined I would ever be capable of doing such amazing things a few years ago.


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