Body Balance Is Important

Body Balance


I recently had an amazing experience with an Emmett move called Spinal Balance. I was set up at the markets raising money for charity and I had a small cue of waiting people. An older gentleman comes up to me and asks if Emmett can do anything to improve his sore neck. He told me he has leukaemia, a defibrillator and a present case of shingles and he has tried everything.


This man had the kindest face and I really want to help him but I already has a cue of people waiting. I thought shingles is related to virus that effects the nerves. I excused myself for a minute from the person I was treating and did a quick spinal balance move on the gentleman. He says, I can’t believe it the the pain is gone and you barely touched me. He put some money in my tub, took my business card and walked away. This whole conversation & treatment took about 3 minutes.


He and his wife called later that week and made an appointment for both of them. Sitting in my clinic they told me that he had had no pain for 48 hours after my little market treatment. It is funny you know my first feeling was that of disappointed that it only lasted 48 hours. I think he saw my face because he said to me, you know that is the first 48 hours I have had pain free for more than 10 years and you barely touched me. I came back to see what you could do if I had a proper treatment. I can not tell you how nice it was to treat this man and lady in my clinic and give them my 100% attention and an excellent body balance.


What is the Importance of Body Balance?




Dr. Roger Sperry, Ph.D., won the Nobel Peace Prize by discovering that 90% of the brain’s activity is used to balance your body within the gravitational field of earth. He stated that if your body is distorted mechanically (off balance), it begins to effect the other 10% of the brain’s activity, which controls all the other body functions such as breathing, digestion, or thinking.




If the body framework (bone structure and spine) is in an off-balanced or misaligned position, it may impede or block the electrical and chemical (life giving) transmissions of the nervous system which controls all your body functions. This interference to the nervous system may cause or contribute to all kinds of symptoms and illness conditions.


Healing cycle


Published research studies have shown that when body balance is restored, the body enters a healing cycle that alleviates pain and symptoms; elevates the immune system, increases blood and oxygen circulation, normalises nervous system communication and creates more optimum body performance.


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