Babies, Mums & The Emmett Technique. I love my job

I met this beautiful baby for the first time in my clinic today. I love my job :)


The message I recieved to book an appointment:

Hi Rusty, not too sure if you remember me but I came to you when I was MASSIVELY pregnant back in March this year. I' so pleased to let you know I had a little girl, Bethany, and I'd love your help with some things. She's sleeping favouring one side and getting a bit of a flat spot so I'd like to see if there's something inhibiting her from being comfortable in other positions. She's also only rolling one way (which I know can be perfectly normal but she's only been rolling one way for a month!).


The messge I was blessed with tonight:

OOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG! Your healing hands have proven FANTASTIC for little Bethany. After I saw you we went to Stockland where she had a massive snooze, then picked they boys up from Kindy. I think that is the first drive I've ever been on with her awake and not crying! Tonight putting her jammies on was so much easier and she's been asleep since 7. Easy to get to sleep too! You have just made my mummying job so much easier. I was beginning to doubt I could handle everything with the lack of sleep and Beth's crying (due to discomfort). I had a shower tonight for the first time in four months where she hasn't woken. I know she may need a little more 'work' but I am truly overwhelmed. Her giggles and gurgles from the backseat today was sunshine to my ears.

You fixed her but you really fixed me. X




I can not tell you how much messages like this mean to me. :")


Thanks for reading