Children's Picture Book - Things Us Big Kids Should Know

I wrote the book in the link below and I would like to give it to you in PDF form for free if you have young children.

When I had children of my own I wanted them to be aware of danger but not scared to live, so I wrote this book above. I originally only wrote them for my children, but then friends asked me for copies & pushed me to publish. I tried to publish but had no idea how to do it and gave up a couple of years ago.

As most of you know I am a full time Emmett Therapist and a mother of school children now, whoop whoop :) So I think my writing days are over, lol.

A wonderful Emmett friend of mine I trained with came in for a treatment a couple of weeks ago and asked me about my Stranger Danger Book as she had a copy for her children. I told her I had stopped trying to get it out there years ago. She told me to have another go, to maybe try the Morcombes foundation. She said it was a wonderful learning tool for both her and her children and that more parents need to learn how much their children really understand. Asking the questions in my book leads to so many revelations and conversations with your child about how much they understands or doesn't understand what you are trying to teach them. I tried the Morcombes foundation & they do not publish books either, oh well.

Today one of my girlfriends who I gave a copy of my book to messaged me and told me about an incident at the kindergarten her child attends. He was put in a horrible position and because of my book knew what happened was wrong and when he got home told her straight away.

So I am thinking that I have had 2 lovely people this month remind my of my book in a lovely way. Maybe I am meant to just give my book away for free, even if it only helps one child it is more than worth it. I want to protect children and give them the power of knowledge without scaring them.

I hope you like my book, you can download the PDF, perhaps print it & hopefully love it.

Thanks for reading

Things Us Big Kids Should Know.pdf
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