Night Of Hope Cairns

I believe magic might happen with our Emmett Technique Muscle Therapy Sessions at the Night of Hope event on the 7th of February 2015.


The room will be full of memories of those we love and those we have lost, we will be remembering happy and sad times. With all that energy around you never know what might happen with a group of therapists in the room, specially with the Emmett Technique behind them :)


Our plan for the event with our muscle release technique is to take away the aches, pain, and tension in the room one Emmett move at a time. I hope to see a room full of relaxed humans by the end of the night.


The law of giving and receiving is remarkable. We give our time and time cost nothing, you give a donation and receive a treatment taking away your own aches, tension & pain, & your donation could possibly one day save lives.




We hope to fill our donations bucket full of cash for the Cancer Council so PLEASE please bring a cashed up wallet, heheheheheh!!!!!!! :)


Tickets still available, Sooooooooooo many prizes to be won!!!!! Link Below: