After Back Surgery

There are regular moments as an Emmett Therapist that give you an actual head to toe butterfly tingle & a special feeling of how great was that!!!


Yesterday I walked out into my waiting room to find a very tall strong man stand like a very elderly one. The poor guy had had back surgery, pins, fusions over 12 months ago and still didn’t look like he was having much fun at all.


He was fabulous to work on, the poor fella had been in pain for so long that nearly every muscle was tight from the effort it took to move and do anything. We released everything just a little and then everything started to relax. It was so remarkable to watch and be a part of.


We got him off the table and I asked him to stand up and sit down and he gave me a look of are you serous, hehehehehe!!! So with me stabilising him we did our 3 Stand-Up Sit Downs and I could see in his eyes the lack of strain. I asked him how he was feeling and he said he couldn’t believe how much better he was feeling & that he hasn’t been able to stand and sit that easily for more than a year. (That was my the head to toe butterfly tingle moment)


I love my job smile emoticon This gentleman had never heard of Emmett Technique before and came to me as a referral from another lovely client of mine here in Cairns. Word of mouth is such a beautiful thing, people are awesome!!!!!!  


Thanks for Reading