Love The Emmett Technique 

Has anyone out there who has had an Emmett treatment before felt the sensation at the end of a treatment when your therapists does the last few moves standing and you can physically feel your whole body move with your therapists lightest move points, you would swear they are moving you but it is impossible with the amount of pressure they are using.

The sensation is incredible and leaves you with a feeling of wonder of what are our bodies really capable of given the right information, at the right time, with the right amount of pressure.

I am very lucky to be assisting a gentleman who has had multiple back surgeries/fusions at the moment & every time he comes in I learn something new about how wonderful the human body is. He is an incredible fun person to treat and the time goes so fast. We are in constant banter about what I feel, and what he feels and thinks what I am doing in a treatment.

Every time I have seen him so far I have been blown away with the changes. He was standing with his shoulders back after the first visit. The second visit I watched him get up off the chair more easily and was standing straighter. Today I watched him roll from his back to his from with little effort at all.

At the end of our session as always I finished with him standing, he still had a pain in the back. I did a cross over move and while I am looking at him his body is getting straighter and straighter, actually moving before my eyes. Emmett is a wonderful thing. You know I was so blown away by the movement in his spine I forgot to ask if the pain in his back felt any better, eeeeeeekkk!!!!!!!

Thanks for Reading