Emm-Tech Magic

I would love to share an experience myself, Gemma and our class had at our last Emm-Tech Course. We had a beautiful class of women this time round. One of these ladies was a retired nurse in her 70’s, she had been planning on learning Emmett for past 30 years but had not managed to. Her lovely friend bought her a Emm-Tech Course for Mother’s Day. This 72 year old had recently had a fall and been dizzy, in pain and had been feeling pretty awful for a few weeks :( She walked into class hunched over and looked so sad.

To understand why this Emm-Tech class was such a fantastic learning for all of us you need to know how we teach

1. In an Emm-Tech class we firstly explain what the move is we are teaching and what parts of the body movement will be assisted.

2. We then stand everyone up in a class and all make the same movement required for each move we teach looking for restriction or freedom. Looking around the room at each other gives the greatest visual for when to use the move you are learning on your own friends and family.

3. We then choose the most restricted person in the class to demonstrate the move on, so we can best show how fast and effective each move is & how much more instant movement you find.

4. After each move demonstration the class then chooses a partner and uses & receives the individual moves themselves and experience how easy Emmett really is.

From the front of that Emm-Tech class, I was blessed to watch that 72 year old lady blossoming. Slowly move by move as the day went on, she sat up straighter, started to move faster, walked with her head up & not at her feet & became more and more hilarious the more comfort she felt. She even had me rolling on the floor laughing because her fast wit had caught me out in front of the whole class.

The most beautiful thing was that the people who assisted this wonderful lady and made her feel as good as she did were first time students of the Emmett Technique, finding Emmett points for the first time, each student having a hand in our 72 year nurses remarkable come back over an 8 hour day. Our 72 year old (Student LOVE!!!!) Almost skipped out of class at the end of the day, like a completely different women not even close to the age she walked in.

What a great experience for all of us to be a part of. Even with beginners experience with the Emmett Technique we can still create amazing results to those we love and care for.