Business Award Cairns For The Emmett Technique

To Dearest My Anonymous Friend/Client/Student who nominated me for the Cairns Business Womans Club Award Sole Entrepreneur 2016.


Thank you so much for giving me this experience :) I completed my 5 page submission and it made me realise how far I have come and also understand the path I know I am going to take with the Emmett Technique.


I completed my formal Interview today in front of a FANTASTIC panel of 3, very supportive people:

Sam Marino - President Cairns Chamber of Commerce.

Sam Harrop - Professional Speaker, Author, Trainer

& Andrea Tunjic - Director of People Strong.


The awards process is now finished and all that is left is the ball, where I get to dress up and spend the night with my Mum and Husband. All of us with hopes and fingers and toes crossed for the chance to be a winner in this fantastic Business Womens Awards Night.


I hope you tell me one day who you are Mr or Mrs Anonymous :)