Cairns To Karumba Bike Ride


I would like to introduce to Team Emmett, from the left we have Rusty Boterhoek, Jane Dennis, Jane Yeates & Gemma Dustin. We are all Emmett muscular release therapists & we will be travelling along with you for the entirety of the C2K Ride.


Emmett is a very fast acting muscular release treatment. We have one of our ladies travelling with the dirty riders & 3 will be travelling with the road riders. We will be available for treatments to assist you all day, tables are not required for our treatments, if you have pain and see one of us just give us a shout out, we should be able to greatly reduce your pain within 5-10 minutes tops. It doesn't take long.


We will have a base camp set up at the end of the evening where massage tables will be set up under pop up marquees, there will be a big yellow Emmett flag flying so we are easy to find. Our treatments are fast and effective, so we should be able to get through a huge amount of people at the end of every day. We set up a small waiting area with camp chairs for your comfort :)


We have travelled along with the cardiac challenge riders for the last 2 years, very successfully assisting the riders to make it to their destination with little to no injury. We started out as only 3 therapist on our first cardiac challenge, this year we are taking 7 Emmett girls, just to keep up with the people who enjoy our therapy.


We will have donation tins set up at our base camp at the evening stops. This money will all be donated to the country kids fund at the end of the ride. It is not compulsory to put money in for your treatments, we are here for you regardless :) It is our little way of contributing to this great ride.


We look forward to introducing you all to our passion, The Emmett Technique & taking your pain away.