Factory Reset

I think we are born a factory model human and start building muscles for the life we are going to have. Some of us will be bricklayers, others will be office workers, some fitness trainers, others librarians, some will stand all day, some will sit.


How could one factory model human do all this efficiently???????


I believe what happens is we build muscle for our lifestyles and our bodies work well in what we choose to do. BUT!!!! This means we are not using other muscles in our bodies properly, the muscles we don't use get weaker and weaker while the ones we do use get stronger and stronger. This makes us malfunction after a period of time, there is no choice really.


We are perfectly imperfect!!!!!!!!


This is why we need a factory reset every one to two months, to bring our bodies back into balance again. Just so we don't get too far into our lifestyle muscle building pattern where major injuries can start popping up.


Look after your body and your body will look after you